About Us

When selecting the right custom cabinet manufacturer for your home, you may wonder about the people behind the cabinets that you’ll expect to be in your home for years to come. It’s very hard to look past the marketing pitches and pushy sales tactics and, in many cases, you’re locked into a contract before you really have a chance to know who you’re dealing with. At Copper Canyon Millworks.  we are passionate people just doing what we love, and we’d like to invite you to have a little insight into our way of doing business.

To begin, Copper Canyon was birthed in the midst of the late-2000s global recession. Despite the down economy, we’ve managed maintain a steady growth year over year. Regardless of our growth, we will never be a huge manufacturing facility where the only employee that can really “put a face to a name” is the one that took your check. We are a local, dedicated, committed team whose passion is creating quality products that are certain to leave you in awe. In fact, throughout the manufacturing process of your project, its very common that you’ll have a chance to meet each person that was involved in the process from start to finish.

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