The kitchen truly is the heart of a home. It is where families gather during holidays, where guests mingle and where kids grab a quick snack after school. It is no wonder, then, that families often strive to make their kitchens a true reflection of their own personal style. Custom cabinets give families the flexibility to be original with their kitchen space and stretch the limits of style and function.

Why Choose Custom Cabinets?

As compared to an entire home remodel, replacing existing kitchen cabinets with custom cabinets is an extremely affordable option often yielding huge results. Choosing custom means that the cabinet’s layout; design features and overall look are chosen based on each individual family’s lifestyle and needs.

Another reason to choose custom cabinetry is when a family is dealing with a handicap. There are industry standards for cabinet height or depth, but choosing custom cabinets means that these standard measurements can be adjusted to make the kitchen more accessible and enjoyable for all members of the family.

What Features Are Available with Custom Cabinetry?

Custom cabinetry can allow literally dozens of features to be added to a kitchen. These include multiple sinks, revolving pantry systems, islands, televisions, recycling centers, drawer organizers and many, many more. There are catalogs full of features to make every kitchen a more functional and fun room. Choosing custom cabinets allows families to pick and choose exactly what features are priorities for their home, rather than simply relying on what a stock line of cabinets deems important.

This really comes into play when designing custom cabinetry for families with special needs. A large family or a family who often cooks for large groups might need extra sinks, an island cooking surface or two ovens. A wine connoisseur might enjoy a custom wine cooler while a gourmet chef may require additional storage and counter space.

Are Custom Cabinets Really Better Than Stock Cabinets?

Mass-produced cabinets are typically made of particleboard with wood veneers. Custom cabinets are almost always three-quarter-inch thick real wood. This means that custom cabinets are stronger, more aesthetically pleasing and will not warp when wet. Custom cabinets also often feature stronger fasteners and re-enforced joints where production cabinets are engineered to the lowest required strength standards.

Is The Investment Worth It?

Experts agree that custom cabinetry and kitchen remodeling in general typically have a great return on the money invested. A recent survey by the National Association of Realtors showed that remodeling a kitchen or bath was one of the best ways to add value to a house.

That being said, if an owner plans on selling the home in the near future, it is important that they choose custom cabinets with features that will appeal to a wide audience. If features are chosen solely based on personal taste or eccentricities, then the custom additions could serve as a hindrance to the sale.

Regardless of the features chosen, custom cabinetry allows families the thrill of making big changes to their house with out footing the bill for an entire remodel. Choosing to add custom cabinets to a kitchen allows for flexibility, additional features and proven quality.