Custom Cabinets in Phoenix

Local-Made, Custom Cabinets in Phoenix, AZ

From the very beginning, our custom cabinets are specialty made with our proven signature method. We don’t have some warehouse with imported, pre-cut cabinet parts. We don’t order pre-made “custom” cabinets like the other guys! When you contact us to start designing your custom cabinets for your home, we begin with a FREE in-home consultation for custom cabinets with one of our designers.

What is a design consultation for custom cabinets in Phoenix?

With our FREE Consultation for custom cabinets in Phoenix, we will discuss design inspiration you may have in mind. Next, we will review style and color preferences — perhaps options that match your existing decor.

Some Phoenix design trends for custom cabinets include:
  • Rustic
  • Traditional
  • Modern/Contemporary
  • Old World

Final Steps for your Custom Cabinet Order

Once we have finalized all computer-aided designs and selected your color & finish, your custom cabinets order moves to production. Your order for custom cabinets in Phoenix is scheduled for product and material ordered accordingly. Our typical turnaround is 18-21 business days.

Who Makes Custom Cabinets in Phoenix?

It can be difficult to choose a custom cabinet company in Phoenix. Additionally, there are so many “fly-by-night” strip-mall cabinet companies throughout our Phoenix area. Many of our competitors boast about their products being custom, however, most are not completely custom. We’ve learned quite a few important questions to consider when choosing the best custom cabinets in Phoenix.

Are the truly custom cabinets?

Custom cabinets are exactly that, custom. If you don’t have the ability to choose any color you’d like, they aren’t custom. If you cannot fill empty space with accessories or customized cabinet solutions, you’re not receiving custom cabinets.

Are the custom cabinets MADE in the USA?

Copper Canyon Millworks only offers products that are actually MADE in the USA. Most custom cabinets in Phoenix are often made in cheaper countries and the components are imported into the USA. They often claim to be “Built in the USA,” misleading customers to believe they are receiving an American product.

Is the finish formaldehyde-free?

The superior finishing process of custom cabinets at Copper Canyon, utilizes completely formaldehyde-free finishing products. Our proprietary finishing process includes products safe for your family and our employees alike. According to the EPA, formaldehyde is known to cause cancer at certain levels.