Including Custom Cabinets in Your Remodel

Okay – you’re ready to remodel your home, right? The most important piece of your remodeling project demands your attention; it’s the kitchen cabinets!

You’ll find cabinetry throughout your home. Expect to see cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and even the garage! You pass by these cabinets every day and use them regularly, yet we never think about the significant role they plan in our lives.

Everybody remodels their home for different reasons, but all typically have one thing in common: they raise the home’s value. If you’re looking for the most return on your investment, you’ll want to attack your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen remodels are notorious for high value increases to your property.

When thinking about kitchen cabinetry, you may be attracted to stock cabinets or RTA (ready-to-assemble) options for the budget savings. Despite having many color options available, stock cabinets are generally made with cheaper materials and lack storage space. A superior alternative is custom cabinets.

Custom cabinet makers, such as Copper Canyon Millworks, may offer free in-home consultations. This is the best way to compare the products and truly see the difference in the value of your investment. You’ll learn that custom cabinets utilize maximum space availability as they are made to fit your exact space. No unnecessary fillers needed!

With custom cabinets, you’re in full control of your options and features. Your personal preferences are built into the cabinets. We often see wine coolers, luxurious sinks, and “lazy-Susans”. You can add any type of creative aspect that fits your lifestyle.

A major deciding factor in selecting a style of cabinetry is the type of home and space available. Smaller homes with unique spaces would limit options available in stock cabinets. This is another perfect scenario for custom cabinets. Custom cabinets are built to accommodate the size available. Copper Canyon Millworks in Phoenix, AZ offers hundreds of color options available for custom cabinets. These many selections offer a solution that is sure to match your existing styles and create custom kitchen cabinets of your dreams!

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